Corporate Travel

At JALB Travel we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients expectations and delivering quality service, providing steadfast savings and streamlined processes that enhance the travel experience for everyone. Our impeccable system management and efficient business practices enable us to focus on what matters most  - Our valued customer.

Our mission is clear : "We go overboard to get you on board." With that comes a set of Values, Standard and Ethics that are the pillars of our company.

JALB Travel delivers Premium quality to Corporate travel with an exceptionally low service fee.

When it comes to business travel, JALB Travel is an excellent partner to your company:

  • Our knowledgeable team of expert agents worldwide handle all your travel needs
  • Working 24/7 on all time zones
  • Certified Women & Minority owned travel agency
  • Guaranteed low service fee
  • We use the latest technology for our reservations and ticketing, we are certified  ARC / IATAN.  All our tickets are issued in house.
  • Study your company's needs and objectives and help employees to stay ahead of managing their budget by using our expertise to find the lowest fare with no advance purchase
  • Provide a Credit Report for your business to keep tabs on unused tickets.  Ensuring the unused ticket fund is fully utilized will save money for the company
  • Create a detailed expense report to regulate cost
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